HVG2 PS2 to USB Converter Problem
First of all, I think this is the best place to put it, but if not, sorry, feel free to move it.

So, I have gotten the emulator to work on my computer. It's an ASUS G50VT-X5. 2.13 gHz overclockable core 2 duo. nVidia 9800m gs graphics card. 4 gb of ram. Yes, I have the latest version of directx. Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

My problem is that I bought the HVG2 PS2 to USB converter from Fry's today, and have been trying to get the PS2 controller to work with the emulator, but haven't had any luck. I know some of these converters aren't compatible with vista, but I thought I bought one that was. I was able to get it to partially work once while playing the pc version of Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, but that's all. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Bump. I would really like some help...
Install the drivers that came with it. Check in the system control panel if the controller is recognized, and if you can calibrate it.
Then open pcsx2 and try the Lilypad or ssspsx plugins. You need to configure them to use your controller of course.

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