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What does this hack affect?

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It's the anti-aliasing settings, as you would see in other games like 2x, 4x, etc. And I suppose might be almost the same as forcing the mode in your graphic's card panel. Note that in Dx9 at least, could result in lower precision for the zbuffer.
I went ahead and set it to 16x and it looks really nice. Thanks for the info, by the way. And, would you happen to know of anything else that could enhance the graphics of games. Hacks, I am talking about that are not the standard GSDX, native resolution, and such where all users are able to access.

Make your own post processing shader, and "enhance" your game.
Thanks, Kross. Will these shaders work with r5113? Of the three files listed under the custom shaders which would you recommend me to download and use?
I totally sound like a noob but I don't know where to put the patch or shader files for the emulator.
To use the patch, you would need to know how to compile too. I suggest you just don't bother with it.
Fair enough, Kross. Without getting my hands dirty then what kind AA settings can I use to increase graphics that everyone can adjust? I guess HW AA and MS AA are the same. They are set at max(16) Any others I could adjust?
Well, you could also try using a higher internal resolution. Would be like some sort of SSAA effect.
The native resolution you mean? It's currently set at 3x native. I should have no problem running it at 6x... my video card is the NVidia 570 GTS. But for some reason the FPS go to hell if I set it 4x or up.

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