HW/SW Graphics Modes
First off, I would have to say that this emulator works awesome.

I'm trying to play Shadow Hearts: From the New World which happens to have a particular graphical bug with Hardware Mode that's documented in the compatibility list.

That's fine and all, but... the Hardware Mode looks 10x better, sharper, more crisp graphics than Software Mode.

I tried turning FXAA on, I've tried bumping the # of threads it uses up, the only thing I didn't mess with, was the TV Filter (not sure what that does, the guide doesn't even mention what these settings even do), and I can't get anything at all to look anywhere near as good as Hardware mode.

I'm running a Ryzen5 1500x with a 1050ti, so I should be able to knock this thing out of the park, but it seems the software graphics plugin doesn't do any processing to the image (but yet Hardware does?).

That, or I'm missing something...

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That is by design. Software rendering uses no GPU acceleration and runs entirely on your CPU, and is the most accurate renderer. Hence, no upscaling. You can either use Hardware rendering to get the upscaling features, or use Software rendering for better accuracy.

Edit: Missed the second part of your post about the image not appearing in Software. That part, I don't have an answer for.
Eh, I didn't explain what I meant very well.

But okay. Blah. I suppose I'll probably play with HW on and swap to SW during battles or something to avoid that annoying glitch.

At least my other games seem like they are HW compatible for the most part.
For easy switching, press F9 to swap between software and hardware. Also, for performance, you might want to use OpenGL hardware since you have a NVidia card.
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