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.Hack//G.U graphical problem
We aren't allowed to link to anything compiled.

The new scaling option is noticably slower than the regular method, and it's not 100% bugfree yet which is one of the reasons why there isn't a compiled version up on the website yet.

Attached is a before-after set of images using the new scale filter. Notice the scale filter image doesn't have any of the ghosting effect. Very nice.

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there are still many problems tho
the random flickering + blooming really kills the frame rate
I do get a speedup compared to when using 0.1.12 tho
Odd, I don't have any random flickering or inappropriate bloom effects. That said, this game causes slowdowns for me on occasion no matter which plugin I use. Though most of the time, I use Revision 1398 in this game because it's generally faster in most games on ATi hardware (or at least for me)
hm......... what settings do you have for the 20x revisions?
should I show you my settings?
2x scaling and texture filtering are the only options I currently have enabled in the plugin. Where exactly do you have the flickering or where is it worst? Or is it just random?
I think it's random, I have almost all settings turned on, so maybe that's the problem?

EDIT: which version of the 20x revisions are you using?
I've turned off all options except the ones you said and still got the flickering

EDIT: it seems to happen alot more often at Great Cursed In-laws
Well, I've got my hands on rev 2150.

The game seems to be really good with 2x scaling. All the bloom bugs (including the old ones) are now gone and it's looking pretty good.

The funny thing, though, is that the game runs MUCH FASTER in DX9 mode than in DX10 (as good as it did before at DX9 with old revisions) even if I use 4x msaa. DX10 is running too slow now, though it runs -maybe almost- like before if I definitely turn off msaa (or use 2x), and using 3x scaling causes the game to look REAL sharp. There isn't even that much zfighting, so you guys might want to play in DX9 mode.

Another good combination for DX10 seems to be 2x scaling, texture filtering set to gray ticked, and 2x msaa. Doesn't look really sharp, but it looks almost like before.
really? the game goes at 100% but occasionally dips to 50-80% using DX9 (I have a decent graphic card, but probably not enough to support the game)

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