.Hack// Infection: Game Crash
So I had to screw around with the settings ALOT to get the fmv's and menus to display smoothly, but when starting up "The World" in side the game, PCSX2 crashes everytime without fail when loading into the the capital Mac Anu (basically crashes when actually entering the game.)

PCSX2 stops responding and I'm forced to stop the program all together.
None of the setting I've tried have fixed this problem. Help please?

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Not a proper bug report, moved.

Try with the latest beta, it shouldn't have a problem there:
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what plugins/settings are you using?
(10-01-2010, 04:32 PM)Saiki Wrote: what plugins/settings are you using?

I finally got it to run a minute ago, it's a bit up and down as far as lag goes, but its ok.

My speed hack settings seemed to make a difference.

I'm using EE x2 Cycle as apposed to using the default before.

For graphics I'm using Direct3D9 (Hardware), Pixel Shader 3.0, and no interlacing.

IOP x2 helps this game I've noticed too

I also run through infection with ZeroSPU2, without a problem.

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