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Half black screen/weird graphics

im trying to play Ty the tasmanian tiger, but i run to problemes. If i use the Gsdx plugin, it will give me half black screen. If i use the ZeroGs plugin, it will give me this

[Image: 94011870.png]

and later the program wont respond and then i have to quite. I have tried both with and without speed hacks and combination.

my pc specs:

[Image: specsqz.jpg]

thanks in advanced

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software mode *should* fix your problem but be prepared for native resolution and a VERY slow running game unless you have a i7 or better processor @ 4.0 ghz

plus most ''american'' games dont run well on pcsx2 because most of the audiance is jrpg fans Tongue
trolling mode: ACTIVE!
thx it worked. As you say it has slow downs here and there, but it is ok to play.

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