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Happy New Year!
The coding team and staff of PCSX2 wish you a Happy New Year, filled with happiness, health and new hardware! Tongue

Due to the holidays and some team members having a life ™ development has slowed down a bit but work towards the next release is already being done Smile We can't promise any dates but let's just say that the team will do their best to bring you the next 0.9.8 release as fast as possible (which means the todo list is done, whenever that is!).

Finally, a big thank you to the people who have donated for the project, we don't say this often and we should Smile
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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woow 0.98 thats fast the work is done cant wait till release
Happy New Year! Smile
Everyone celebrates birthdays today Laugh
Happy New Year everyone Smile
Happy New year to you all Laugh
Happy New Year. Smile
Have a fantastic new year, everyone. Smile
Happy New Year to everyone! Blush May it be fruitful and filled with joy! Biggrin
Happy new year everyone

I hope you will happiness

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