Happy New Year - Q3 & Q4 2017 progress report
Happy New Year to everyone from the PCSX2 team, we wish you the best for the new year, with lots of PCSX2 gaming playing your favorite classics Smile Onto the news!

A bit later than expected , here is the Q3 & Q4 2017 progress report.

Of course there are other changes not mentioned in the report as well so progress is still moving along Tongue 

Here are the highlighted changes that we hope will strike your fancy Laugh 

progress rep q3 q4 2017

Written by CK1 and lightningterror

[Enhancement]  PSX: Memory card support by RedPanda4552

Originally PSX memory card creation was not possible through the emulator and games could not see when a memory card was inserted. In addition, a hack has been added that allows PCSX2 to "view" PSX memory cards as a Pocketstation to fix compatibility with certain PSX games such as Final Fantasy VIII. More details on that addition can be found here!

This change adds/enhances the following additions:
  • Adds a checkbox to the memory card creation screen allowing PSX cards to be created, as well as the logic for writing in to the empty card.
  • Modifying the existing preprocessor based SIO interrupts to instead work based on the running game's type (PSX/PS2). This allows PS2 games to skip the delays as they were before, but for PSX games to use the delays, which are necessary for memory card interaction.
[Enhancement]  GSdx Enhancements

Extend "Preload Frame Data" support to Direct3D by lightningterror - This hack allows for the "Preload Frame Data" (that is currently present in the OpenGL renderer) to be used in D3D renderers. It is used to fix various effects that are currently broken or not rendered properly in D3D renderers.

"Frame Buffer Conversion" hack by lightningterror - This hack enables 4-bit and 8-bit textures to be converted on the CPU instead of the GPU. It will fix glitches in games that use those type of textures.

"Automatic" Mipmapping option by lightningterror - This option enables automatic mipmapping on the hardware render if a game is pre configured to use mipmapping in the code.

[Enhancement]  GUI Changes and Enhancements

"Always ask when booting" option by ssakash - When enabled, this option opens the file explorer to directly select the ISO at each boot instance instead of relying on the Recent ISO list.

"Adaptive Vsync" support by gregory38 - Adaptive Vsync support and GUI option have been added to PCSX2 for OpenGL render to further help with screen tearing.

Restore "Defaults" button to GS panel by ssakash - Added Restore Defaults button to the GS panel of Emulation settings dialog.

"Clear ISO list" option by RedPanda4552 - This option will clear the cached ISOs (Recent ISO list) that were used in the past. Should help with reducing clutter on large lists.

[Enhancement]  Translation Updates

We are always seeking new translations for the PCSX2 GUI in your favorite languages! The table here will show you the most up to date information on the translation statuses of languages that are currently included with PCSX2. If you see your language missing or would like to update a translation, feel free to get started here!

Danish Translation by rffontenelle and Jakob5566- A brand new Danish GUI translated has been added! I don't have anything witty to say in Danish, sorry. Tongue

Italian Translation by Leucos8 - The Italian GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Spanish Translation by IlDucci - The Spanish GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Portuguese (Brazil) Translation by altiereslima - The Portuguese (Brazil) GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

German Translation by FiLeonard - The German GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Czech Translation by frantisekz - The Czech GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

French Translation by atomic83GitHub - The French GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Norwegian Translation by DandelionSprout - The Norwegian GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Swedish Translation by pgert - The Swedish GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Turkish Translation by PyramidHead - The Turkish GUI translation has been updated for accuracy.

Expect some more news about pcsx2.net from Bositman in a couple of days, even though he said it would be before this progress report Tongue

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Happy new year , Sir
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