Hard Time with performance
I am trying to build a low-end emulation station, that will run all my emulators decently.

I test and verify things are working good on my main rig which is a
I7 4770k @ 4.0ghz 16mb 2400Ram, 2x 780ti, SSD, blah blah mostly high end.

I can get most if not all games to run very good, as long as FXAA is turned off, is slows to a crawl when that is checked but when its not its super fast and responsive. Anyways that is not really the issue just a side question as to why that would be happening on my rig.

My Emulation Rig is a Intel Core Duo e8400, Evga 630 GT DDR3 1GB, 4GB ram Windows 7 64Bit. "Testing Game is Ridge Racer V"

So far I can run decent stuff, even dolphin emulation with little problems on it, though I can't crank up the pretties but it does work on it.

The other issue is everywhere I heard that is if you have performance issues, try DX9, in which DX9 gives me 7-10 FPS while DX11 gives me 33FPS in the menus, and this is with default.

I read through the guide, 2 times and still have a hard time understanding because if dx9 should give me a boost and it works the exact other way around.

I was at the point of giving up and just emulate the ps2 on my main rig but i don't really want to do that. and I don't really want to dump more money into an old machine, as the bottleneck might be the CPU which would require a new build on this motherboard.

I am not looking for tweaked fantastic scaled textures running at 6x I am just looking to run the ps2 in its original state and have 50-60 fps I can live with that on the emulation machine.

Maybe Ridge Racer V is a bad example?

if so what game should I try, i have all of them just need to fetch them

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That machine is really gonna struggle on newer console emulation.

Is it an option to use something like Steam in home streaming to stream from your powerful machine? That's what I do, and if you use wired connection or Wireless N or better it will do good. And also you can make it look really nice.
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