Hardware Anti-Aliasing
Hey guys,

I've been attempting to try out the HW AA with a few games and even with the highly compatible FFX it is crashing immediately when I switch this option on. I've turned off all speedhacks, set clamps to normal, round mode defaults, microVu recompiler etc w/ a resolution of 1440x900. I even turned off the FFX video fix in case that was crashing it.

I'm using latest rev etc. Before you complain my specs are not good enough I play FFX at 1440x900 with much EE% and GS% to spare, putting the AA could be too much for it yes but even if it makes it drop below 50fps I would still like to try Smile I need to know how to do it cus I get the new laptop soon nywayHappy

EDIT: I'm using GSDX9 btw the SPU-X plugin and lilypad.

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It's a known issue of DX9, since svn r3002 IIRC.
Ah ok ty, Dx9 has never been a problem for me since 0.9.7 beta started because I had Gsdx10 on 0.9.6 but when 0.9.7 started I could only select Gsdx9, even though I had just updated my DirectX right before I installed each new revision.... Wacko

Edit: Anyone know how to fix it? Is it driver related instead of purely Directx?
Ok nvm this now, I thought the thread was veering off-topic so I put it in the GSDX thread:


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