Hardware Depth and accuracy (Stable version 1.4)
Not necessarily an issue, but a doubt:

When I tested Odin Sphere on stable v1.4 with hardware Depth activated, the game was really slow at the memory card menu in the begining of the game. I unchecked the option and it was ok again.

Does Odin Sphere need this option to display everything ok or not? Is Hardware Depth an option for a specific set of games (most of them 3d) or activating it will always result in better accuracy no matter what, meaning that my pc is just not powerful enough to handle the game in its full glory? Thanks.

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Could you test latest git? Hopefully perf impact will be much smaller
As a side note I don't think the game need it. But it would be better to avoid the speed impact (future version will have the option on by default).
Yeah, I tested it and I noticed a great improvement! Depth activated and running smooth 100% on Odin Sphere Memory card menu. (the only place the game had any performance issue until now).
Perfect ! I did various optimizations to avoid the depth management when the depth buffer isn't really used.
So, It is safe to leave it on in most cases now?
[Image: xckarn-5.png]
Yes. Depth emulation in 1.5 is much more mature and stable. That why we moved the option from front panel to HW hack.

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