Hardware Question...
Here's what I'm running.

Core 2 Quad 9650 3.0GHz
nForce 730i with onboard 9300 64bit
4GB DDR2 PC2 5300
Just using the onboard sound for now.
XP32bit (waiting for my win7 64bit disc)

Now let's assume that the money fairy came and left a big case of money under my pillow. What would be the components necessary to run PCSX2 and most games in super badass mode? When I say super badass mode I mean little to no slowdown of audio or video on compatible games.

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a built-in GPU is weak to run pcsx2 unless your mobo has pci-e 2.0 bus slot you still have a chance to get a decent speed by inserting a GF 9600+ class or GF 2xx models to your pci-e slot
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Well no game would run in "super badass mode" as you have(as tallbender said) an onboard graphic card. You have on the otherhand a powerful cpu, so there should be some games that run at full speed. I have a similar cpu in terms of pcsx2 and some games run at full speed in software so you should be ok. I do recommend you get a "real" gpu if its possible.
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Yup get a "dedicated" GPU.

Although i have tried playing with onboard graphics you will be stuck at native resolution and may still experience slowdowns.
Used an e7200with a Intel integrated. Amd and Nvidia has WAY better integrated.

I see you have a 9300GT. You can still play at about 800x600 resolution without any slowdown. I think.
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