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First off: thanks a lot for this great emulator! I want to build an "emulation box" and I wonder what the best hardware decisions are since the PCSX2 would be the most demanding emulator. I know that there's a hardware thread that answers many questions but since I'm wrapping it up from the other side (make the hardware fit the emulator) I thought I could need a more precise answer.

OK so since it's about a PC that's only built to run emulators I don't have to go over the top and waste money. Additionally I don't really need HD resolution and 60 FPS all the time (I guess PS2 games run natively around 30 FPS anyway).

So I'm thinking about the following parts, based on the hardware thread:
CPU: Intel Core i3 (Dualcore) @ 3.4 GHz
Graphics: Ati HD 5750
Some 4 gig RAM

Plus side here is that these are not too power-hungry and probably don't need noisy coolers. Will these suffice? Or maybe too powerful and costy? Any other tips on this?

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a quad core cpu (i5 or something) will benifit you greater. I would suggest a K model sandybridge I5 that you can clock to about 4.5Ghz, the graphics card should be fine, but if you can stretch to a 6750, that would be much better.

PCSX2 is mainly CPU intensive but can take good advantage of 3 cores, so that would be a path to go down if the box is purely for emulation.
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