Hardware requirements
What are minimal hardware requirements for pcsx2?
I can't find any information about that Blink

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* Windows/Linux OS
* CPU that supports SSE2 (Pentium 4 and up, Athlon64 and up)
* GPU that supports Pixel Shaders 2.0
* 512mb RAM
* Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.2ghz or better
* GPU: 8600gt or better
* 1gb RAM (2gb if on Vista)
Phenom 1055T x6 3.5GHz ; nVidia GTS 250; 6Gb RAM; Windows 7 x64
Recommended only 32-bit OS.
Vista 32 and 64 are fine.
I see no difference between the 2 Smile
Really, does someone fix VTLB issue with 2GB limit of adress space?
Rama is referring to the fact that you can use pcsx2 playground x32 fine as it is on vista 64. The x64 build is still broken, but I see no reason you would want to use it, as it's much slower and worse in just about anything as of now
Seems my linux-dedicated pc is just above minimum, so i should expect lot of problems and slow working games, if i'll be able to run it at all. Nice vision, under XP my favourite PS2 games (GT3 & GT4) don't work to well because of some bugs in graphics plugins and pcsx2 itself.
Sorry I am using
XP 32 bit
Core 2 Quad 9450 ( only 2.5 Ghz ) <- a little bad
Ati 4870
4DDR2 800

Is it ok?I want to play FFX,Romance of the three kingdom and Front Mission 5
I always wonder why people dont just grab their game dvd and test it out ...

but yes you should be able to play ffx just fine. Front mission 5 has some issues on the emu atm ... as for romance of the three kingdoms: I dont have any information about how it runs.
my pcsx2 its working ok
version 1.888 bita

cpu:intel e8400 3.6 oc
ram:4gb ddr2 fsb800
vga:msi n9800 GT T2D1G-OC

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