Harry Potter & PoA - Widescreen Issue
Hello everyone! I'm playing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [PAL] and I'm encountering what looks like an issue with the aspect ratio.

As you can see from the attached screenshots, during dialogues the black bars don't extend across the screen (Issue 1A). The same problem occurs with menu screens (Issue 1B). Also, the camera seems not to render what's on the sides leading to texture pop-in's and out's depending on where the camera aims at (Issue 2A and 2B, see top-left corner of the images).

Watching gameplays on YouTube, it seems the issue doesn't present itself. I'm using the widescreen patch.

Attached you may also find snapshots of my graphical settings (Settings A, B and C)

My laptop specs are:
Intel Core i5-9300H up to 4.1 Ghz
Nvidia GTX 1650
8 GB Ram
Windows 10 Pro 64x

Is there anaything that could be done?

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