Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Not working

Not sure where to write this?

But, this game hasn't ever gone past the menu.
And i wonder how things are looking currently.

Can this be solved at all, or is it such a complicated issue that it's too impractical or something? (no idea how these things work;P).
I have personally been wanting this game to work for a very long time, but it seems that it's not coming closer.

I am not saying that no work is being done, of course i know that much work is being done on the Emulator and that's Very appreciated!

So i just would like information on it.

I own the PAL Swedish version of the Game so i would gladly help bug test the game if that's necessary in some way.


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The issue with the Harry Potter games is difficult to find, we haven't found out what causes it yet.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Ah, i thought it had something to do with USB, not sure where i read that.
But that the game used some calls to the USB or something, but it never really used it, but they were there,
and the Emulator hasn't implemented that.

Though that is most likely just something i made up from something else xD

But hmm, well that's good to hear in a way, rather than "we know the cause, we don't bother" haha.

Is there some way one can help you with this?
I doubt there is, but might as well ask as i would really like to help out with anything to help identify something for this obstacle.


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