Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban
Is there somehow to make this game (USA ISO version) work?
I've seen plenty of YouTube videos with this game using PCSX2, but its not working here! It freezes on a black screen right after, EA Games - Challenge Everything. And if I put Interpreter in some conifgs it works, but then it freezes on the Trailer. :/
It also happens this:

..\..\x86\newVif_Dynarec.cpp(182) : assertion failed:
Function: VifUnpackSSE_Dynarec::ModUnpack
Thread: EE Core
Condition: false
Message: Vpu/Vif - Invalid Unpack! [11]

[00] aligned_offset_malloc
[01] aligned_offset_realloc
[02] 0x00331548
[03] 0x0030382A
[04] 0x002BF35A
[05] 0x005DB0E0
[06] 0x0065424B
[07] 0x02233005

My Specs:
CPU: i5 - 3.3Ghz

My Configs:
All default, there is just one plugin different: gsdx32-sse4
Im using PSCX2 1.2.1-R 5875

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Keep it to 1 thread for your issues with this game please. http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-ISO-game-...owser-menu
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use latest GIT instead.
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Please stick to your old thread.

As for the game, it's listed as In-Game in the Compatibility List. Nothing you can do about it.
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