Harry Potter games

Some Harry Potter games crash when starting a new game. More specifically, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban (They both show TLB misses and 'VifCmd' issues in the console... Same problem?). These games don't only have problems on PCSX2 either, I know that they have some problems on Dolphin too.

Would you say that these games are difficult to emulate, based on the fact that they have problems on different emulators?
And since they look like they have the same problems on PCSX2, would these games be fixable or will they be forever broken? I think I saw someone say they were patching it, but that was a while ago.

I'm not requesting a patch, I'm just curious.
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best would be to ask prafull.
he'll probably be the best to tell you how and why it crashes
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