Has anyone actually recorded gameplay successfully?
I have been trying to do this for a while today and I have had no luck. The programs I have been using are Fraps and Hypercam, but full versions not trial. With Fraps when I try to record gameplay and play it back it comes out with the screen flashing and no movement, but u hear the music. With Hypercam it records the game and music, but it plays it back so damn fast. I have tried everything with both. (changing the frames recorded from 10,20,30,40,50,60. Also changing the playback frames on Hypercam from 10-60) But none of that works. It either comes out way too fast or way too slow, or way too choppy and crap. I have also tried to change the frame compression, but it's just crap any way you go.

When I record PC games using Fraps, such as LFD2, COD, etc. It all comes out perfect in HD and fine. It seems like to record with the PCSX2 using these capture programs is a heck of a lot of work.

Has anyone had any success? I would like to record some gameplay vids and such.

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well Fraps is usually the best choice or the PCSX2 plugin recorders (F12) ive recorded many gameplays successfully
I know how you feel i had same problems using HyperCam,CamStudio and other crappy programs but they dont do ****
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
Thanks for that info man, i'm playing around with the PC2X2 recorder now. Any suggesstions on a good video plug in to use? The files come out too big uncompressed.
I will try that out. Does anyone know why any of the codecs or uncompressed dont capture audio? It did when I was first trying it and had a separate wave file for each clip. After i deleted the clips and wave files, now it wont record audio anymore. I tried restoring the wav files, it doesnt work. What should i do?
Look for a recording.wav (or similar) in the PCSX2 directory or the directory where you save your avi to.
(07-11-2010, 03:20 AM)rama Wrote: Look for a recording.wav (or similar) in the PCSX2 directory or the directory where you save your avi to.

*talking to the coder*

Why don't ya try to code something to avoid postprocessing the files?
It shouldn't be that hard to code. And atleast you've got something todo fixing that luxory problem. Tongue
You can't process video in real time especially when you have something like pcsx2 running....
With FRAPS, I had a problem when I went to press "F9" to record. PCSX2 would crash and the video recorded was junk. The two ways around this were to make PCSX2 an inactive window first or set the record key to something else.

Otherwise, it works well. Smile
The reason why FRAPS generates massive files is it cannot compress the video as it is recording in real-time though these days, my OS drive is nearly full but my back-up drive has like 200GB free.

Another options are desktop capture like camtasia or camstudio...the files they generate are quite small.

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