Has anyone been able to run ZOE2 fullspeed during the initial fight with Anubis?
I'm on a 4770K with a GTX 980 and I still get slowdowns in the fight with Anubis with OGL HW using native res. Is this normal or do I not have it set up right?

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it's normal.
AFAIK, no one has been able to run it correctly for now
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the game is extremely GPU demanding and consumes more Vram because of some unoptimized stuffs this game uses.
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Is software mode better for that game? (especially using some extra rendering threads...)
(07-10-2015, 01:53 PM)ssakash Wrote: the game is extremely GPU demanding and consumes more Vram because of some optimized stuffs this game uses.

i'll try it next month, though I'm sure my i5 4440 will be problem
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At that certain place,software mode is better.
Using Allow 8-Bit Textures reduces the vram load by a lot but increases the gpu usage by a lot(I wonder how GTX 980 will take that task)
No, software mode is even slower with 6 software threads on a 4770K. I doubt even with a hex-core cpu, it'll be any faster than HW mode.
Is the GS thread at 100%?
What happens if you use HW mode and enable skipdraw hack and put its value to 20? How are FPS/GS% then? What happens if you set CRC=Aggressive?
Ok the fix is definitely "Allow 8-Bit Textures" but you need a powerful video card or you have to use skipdraw and maybe frame skipping and\or VU Cycle Stealing.
I don't remember it like this(maybe I used something older version before or I used some special settings)but using Mummy(the shield)on the first boss,it will kill your fps(it goes here even below 10fps depending on what the boss is doing and the view angle).
But with "Allow 8-Bit Textures" and some other settings,the game is running above full speed(I have the PAL version)

And about Anubis,even by using Null as a renderer,the EE most of the time is still high.

And a little off tipic...why do I get GS percentages(above 50%)when I'm using Null?

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