Has anyone encountered this flaw?
While playing many games now, almost every game eventually crash, muting all sounds, blackening the screen and forcing me to shut down my computer via the turn on/off button (It damages my computer!) to restart.

What's really weird is, I should run games no problem at all. My graphics card is Geforce GT 430, I can run the games SSE4.1, which I always do, and my processor is also as high as it gets.

So what's the problem? Is my emulator corrupted? Maybe it can't run downloaded games? Might it be a virus, and my computer, with all my life's work, will go down the drain?
One more thing, I've encountered the same flaw on one specific game while playing the Dolphin emulator, but only one game, without very high graphics.

Sorry for the triple post, I totally forgot about it and remembered after posting the thread.

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Quote:Maybe it can't run downloaded games?

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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