Has anyone successfully used Xbox controller with PCSX2 on Chromebook?
Have any of you successfully installed PCSX2 on a Chromebook without using crouton? I managed to get it installed and the PS2 games I tried, especially Gregory Horror Show, worked well with 100% game performance and no sound issues. However, I'm struggling to play with my Xbox One controller on the Chromebook. I've tried multiple controller drivers and attempted to bind the keys using antimacro, but Linux (beta) doesn't recognize the controller as another device. I'm considering trying it with a USB controller, but I don't want to spend money on it if it won't work. Has anyone here had experience with using controllers on Chrome OS? It's frustrating to have everything working smoothly except for the controller connection issue. I had sound problems with crouton and Android-PS2 emulators before, so I was hoping PCSX2 would solve that, but now I can't get the controller to work. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated!

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