Has anyone tried NCAA 11?
And if so, how did it run? I'm considering picking it up but I'm not going out to buy a game that won't run on the emulator, obviously. And unfortunately it seems pretty much impossible to rent PS2 games at this point to test. So just curious if anyone out there has experience with it, and really any of the recent NCAA games for that matter. I would just love to find one that works.

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Ok now I have questions from my own experience of testing NCAA 11.

The game runs, but its choppy. So just as a test, I turned all the speed hacks on/maximum, just to see what would happen. The game still runs, but what I find very strange is that 1) The game runs a tad choppier than with the speed hacks off, and 2) the freaking window tells me that it's running at 60fps when that is definitely NOT the case. I doubt it's even running at 30fps. What's the deal with that? And my system is:

AMD x4 965 3.4ghz
4gb RAM
GTX 460 1gb
Speedhacks can cause false FPS readings which is likely what you are experiencing. When trying speedhacks is better to try one by one and see if they actually help with your game or just break things.... just to clarify these are called hacks for a reason so choppier, wrong fps, broken stuff, etc... is likely to happen and it's mentioned in the speedhacks panel.

What's the EE/GS % numbers you get when you get slowdowns? What settings?
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Yeah I noticed another thread or 2 about the speedhacks showing false FPS readings....thank you for that. That's definitely what it was. The EE/GS% numbers that I show are high. EE% is always right around 100, and GS is usually somewhere between 65-75%

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