Haswell Macbook Pros
Intels new line of CPUs coming in June supposedly have 30-35% increased graphics, although not sure how this will apply to mobile processors. I'm thinking an i7 Haswell Macbook Pro without a graphics card should be able to handle pcsx2 somewhat decently. Anyone have any thoughts/knowledge/whatever on this?

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My thought is: spending your money for an Alienware with a GTX dedicated video card is far better.
It should be adequate, but don't expect too much.
With +30% GPU performance over Ivy Bridge you can expect all well supported games to run fine in native resolution.
Some might be fine with x2 res but not all of them.
Sweet replies! There's also apparently lower power usage than Ivy Bridge so maybe it won't get so hot. Smile

Kinda Alienware related: I just sold my old 3770k computer in case the price of Ivy totally tanks after June because I just started school and the fact that I wasn't even using the 3770k. Went way overboard with the CPU, all I played was one Bioshock completion and like an hour of Crysis 3. I actually used this emulator more than current games. Other than that it was just a music machine. Hopefully the guy who bought it will actually make good use of it. So now I'm currently using an old 2008 MacBook Pro with a Core 2 Duo... don't hate lol. It's pretty slow running Mountain Lion with 2GB ram which is why I can't wait for the new MacBook Pros!
Hey guys I just got my brand new late 2013 MacBook Pro!

My config is as follows:
- CPU: 2.3 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 (Haswell 4750HQ)
- GPU: Intel Iris Pro 5200 Graphics
- RAM: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
- SSD: 256 GB PCIe-based flash

I haven't been able to test PCSX2 on this bad boy yet, since i'm waiting on my new copy of Win7 Pro SP1 to come in the mail, but i'll let you guys know as soon as I do! Smile

It's been a really long time since i've used PCSX2, in fact the last time I used it was shortly after 0.9.7 came out like 3 years ago (I think), and all I had was an old Compaq running a P4 HT 630 and integrated Radeon 200M graphics. I've been really busy with life, but i've got more gaming time now, so here I am. Lol

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