Haunting Ground Freezing After Intro Movie
Hello. I’m new to using PCSX2. I’ve been trying to get my copy of Haunting Ground to work on PCSX2. I put the widescreen patch in the cheats folder and enabled Cheats and the Widescreen Patches in the options menu for the emulator as well as running it in software mode (both DirectX11 and OpenGL), but when I run the game, it goes through the opening logos just fine, but for some reason I have to press start to activate the intro movie, and after that it’s just a black screen. I’m not sure if I’ve screwed something up with the emulator or if my copy of the game itself is to blame. Pretty much all of my other games seem to work just fine, which makes me think it’s the game itself. Is there a way to fix this without having to buy another copy of the game?

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