Have i done something wrong?
I tried playing KH1 and 2, everything from the start to main menu goes at full speed, dropping to a minimum of 45 for whatever reason. But as soon as i confirm the options for a new game, it drops as soon as i press X. this is what happens. the fps shows 60, then it drops to under 20, goes back up to 60, then drops and so on. I wasnt patient enough to wait for the cinematic to finish, so i couldnt see in-game speeds.
So i skipped to kh2. Everything went at comfortable speeds until the main menu, and hasnt dropped under 47fps. Like before, when i confirmed the game options, fps started dropping and rising agen. But this time, i realised it only dropped when the scene changes (ie. when the screen fades to black and is preceded by another scene). In-game speeds are very good, and dont drop below 40. Is this normal, or can it be tweaked or fiddled with?
here are my specs:
CPU: Intel i7 720QM (1.60ghz, 2.9 with Turbo Boost)
kinda weak, i know
i was also told that TurboBoost doesnt work well with pcsx2 or sumthing.

GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 420M (2GB dedicated mem, and 2gb shared system mem)

i am using GSdx 11 hardware, SSE 4.1 (ZeroGs causes alot of glare from bright coloured places).


Windows 7 home premium


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Use somespeedhacks like ee cyle to 2 and vu cyle on 1.
Well the explanation is fairly obvious. Menus are 2D and thus almost 0 load on your CPU and GPU to show. When it gets to 3D rendering, your CPU just can't keep up and you get tremendous speed hits. If you aren't already use 0.9.7 beta and check some speed hacks like Game suggested but don't expect miracles.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i have tried enabling the speedhacks, but there wasnt any difference, but i did try it on v0.9.7, and now, in-game speeds are almost always at 99%! it only drops when there are scene changes. I realised something else too. When the scene changes, as soon as it starts to fade, the cpu load goes from 99% to like 20-40%. TurboBoost is always pushing my cpu to 2.40-2.50ghz when ingame, but as soon as the screen fades to black, it goes down to its set 1.60ghz. Is there a way to keep it at 99% cpu load?

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