Have to figure out how to disable native DS4 support!
I find this to be quite a large issue with newer games, especially Far Cry 4 and AC:Unity so far.

These games that have native DS4 support is breaking DS4Tool.

Can't plug in the controller while playing or else it completely disables the Bluetooth connection and the controller can no longer connect. Even after unplugging the USB cable. Once these newer games detect the DS4 it's like it disables BT and DS4Tool. Only way to fix it is to either restart the PC or remove the controller from Bluetooth devices and re-add it.

I seriously think we need to find a way to disable or delete native DS4 support in games. Support for the DS4 is NO where NEAR wide enough to warrant not needing DS4Tool yet and all it does is break it and cause issues.

Only way I have found for it to not break in games is to turn on the controller BEFORE starting the game. Even then though I find that the controller stops responding all together (despite showing that it's still connected) randomly when playing these games. Like, DS4Tool still shows it's connected but it doesn't work...even in the Controller Panel. And if you need to charge it while playing? Forget about it! All it does is switch to native DS4 mode in games and, again, breaks the BT connection.

So yeah...any thoughts or work arounds for this? It's extremely annoying.

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I don't seem to be having this problem with either game. Are you using exclusive mode?
(11-27-2014, 04:11 AM)youturnjason Wrote: I don't seem to be having this problem with either game. Are you using exclusive mode?

Exclusive mode? What's that? Using Jays2Kings tool.

So if you are playing either game...wirelessly...and plug in your controller via USB via your PC...you don't have any issues?
Anyone have any other ideas?
no offense but it sounds dumb, why would you want to disable the native support of the dualshock 4 controller in games if you can just disable the program?
Yeah, if the game supports it natively then, what's the need of the program.
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