Having Multiple Emulator Issues
I am having a number of issues so I'd figure I'll just fit them into one thread rather than several.

1)-Just about any game with heavy enough fog or smoke (FOV directed at it) will cause the game to greatly lag. I already tried using Alpha as a HW Hack.

2)-Audio that uses heavy Bass like explosions will sound almost high-pitched and extremely warped.

3)-In Spongebob: BfKB, certain textures flicker depending on the angle of the 3rd-person camera. I couldn't find a trend with which objects.

4)-In Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures, some menus don't show text and there's a very visible seam going down one of the characters' head.

If you need it I can take some screenshots of the issues.

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K Processor
Video Adapter: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
Audio Adapter: nVIDIA GK107 / Realtek ALC887
Controller: Xbox 360
My drivers are always up-to-date.

My current GSDx settings are in the attachment.

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1: This is quite common, especially when using custom resolutions, you could try using native resolution to see if it's any better, failing that you could use the Skipdraw hack under hw hacks (don't forget to tick the hw hacks box) and see if you can find a value which removes the fog.
2. Go in to the SPU2-X config and try changing the interpolation to something different.
3. Does it do it in software mode too (F9 while playing)? Also try putting GSDX in DirectX 9 mode, there have been issues with the new nvidia drivers in DirectX 11 as of late.
4. Same advice as 3

Hope that helps
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Thanks for replying. Unfortunately using native resolution and/or skipdraw didn't help. It seems some of the audio warp goes hand-in-hand with the smoke lag. But even on good frame rates I'll still clearly hear it. The intro to Call of Duty: Finest Hour has it the worst.

Also I'm assuming I don't need to restart the ROM every time I change a setting. I figure any game I currently have running will update with whatever changes I make. If not then I need to re-test...

All the audio interpolation settings didn't seem to make a difference. It's really weird. But, both the Dx9 and software methods solved the problem with the Spongebob game. The Ed, Edd, n' Eddy game still has the problems even with both settings. I'll add a screenshot of that in a second in the top post.
oh it's audio warping you're getting.. that will be because the framerate is dropping/not full speed. CoD:FH is very slow to emulate, so that will cause lag with the audio and graphics. I think that game actually works better in software mode, but make sure in GSDX you set Extra Render threads to 3, 6 is too high and will probably make it slower.

as for the spongebob game problem, you will need to downgrade to a 327 series driver to use DirectX11, but it won't be greatly beneficial over DX9.

The Ed, Edd, n'Eddy game issue looks very odd indeed, im suprised software mode didn't fix that :/ Have you tried the EE Timing Fix game fix or playing with the EE/VU rounding modes/clamping to see if they help?

and lastly, yes, the changes are applied as soon as you hit OK and go back to the emulation Smile
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Yes! Changing EE/FPU Round Mode to Positive from Chop/Zero allows me to see the menu in Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy. For the CoD audio, I tried software mode and 3 threads but it didn't seem to make it noticeably better. It might be a little faster, but not by much. It's too bad because that beginning speech to that game was so epic, I won't be able to experience it that well. But, thanks for helping me solve 2/4 of the issues. At least I can have some flawless nostalgia again. Biggrin
Have you tried enabling the MTVU speedhack for CoD too? it might help, but i think the game is very GPU bound from what i remember :/
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Just now tried it and it did help quite a bit. Audio still a bit warped but it wasn't stuttering as bad and was actually bearable. On a side note, I still have a hard time figuring out which audio interpolation is best since it doesn't seem to change much.
well naturally the one that says "PS2like/slow" obviously sounds the best, but slowest. I generally stick to linear but if i have power to spare ill use the PS2like one, though tbh i don't think the performance hit is huge.
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(07-14-2014, 11:07 PM)refraction Wrote: well naturally the one that says "PS2like/slow" obviously sounds the best, but slowest. I generally stick to linear but if i have power to spare ill use the PS2like one, though tbh i don't think the performance hit is huge.

Honestly if I disable effects processing and set interpolation to nearest I only gain about 4 fps.
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I figured, but wasn't completely sure if "PS2like" was meant to mean highest quality vs the other options. I don't know much terminology used in the emulator so I'm still not totally familiar with all these advanced settings yet.

But thanks so much for the tips, it made all the difference in gameplay.

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