Having a minor issue on Dragon Quest 8
Hello all, first time posting here. I'm having this little problem when playing DQ8. I can run the game just fine but there seemed to be some artifacts on the dialogue menu/game menu. I'll provide a screen shot so you guys have a better idea of what I'm talking about:

[Image: 001-1.jpg]

I'm running the beta build [0.9.7] and here are my settings:

1920x1080 internal res
Texture filtering is on
allow 8 bit graphics is on
AA is off
Not running any kind of game fixes or hacks

This issue is not really a big deal, but I'd like a solution if possible. Thanks.

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Try without texture filtering enabled, try with native resolution, try with a (Software) renderer.
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Thanks, playing at native resolution seemed to have fixed the problem. Now I gotta decide whether I wanna play the the game this way or with smoother graphics but with some wonky menus lol.
the internal resolution has nothing to do with the external, try multiples of the original to minimize the scaling errors, AFAIK no PS2 games were made for HD resolutions, certainly not for 1080p.

Of course you still can have the external resolution set up to whatever is better for you.
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better play with native since using native means faster and a real ps2 experience.. but D3D is also cool ^^
Man, he is getting 60FPS with 1080p in that game without speed hacks... his machine must be the beast Smile
Imagination is where we are truly real
Nah mate, for some reason the game hates King Trode and whenever he's on in a cutscene, the framerate will drop between 50-55 FPS; other cutscenes where he's not present it runs just fine. But when exploring the world map and in battles, I can run it at a constant 60FPS, no problem.
that's really nice to hear.

mind telling your spec for future reference? Smile

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woop... he have an ATI dude an ATI no doubt he can do that

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