Having an error when launching the game
Im having some error when im running the game..

i've use pcsx2 for along time but i've stopped playing pcsx2 games.. some reasons.
but when i decided to play again.. and find some plugins..
when going to start playing the error has came out.
[Image: dsadsag.png]

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processor 5200+
2.7 ghz, 2.00 GB of Ram

Gsdx 1534 SSE 0.1.15

help plox Smile

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lol same post but without the phraze "and download the fatal frame 2" from
http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Will-PCSX...er?page=80 post 792! i have seen this a couple of times and i lol hard each time someone will remove a word like this and make a new thread xD
its not like ppl here get amnesia after seeing your 1st post :s
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Sorry i just really need some help Sad
we don't give support on pirated games.
i still don't see why it can be so hard to understand when we already told you in your first post.
warning issued (again) & thread closed.
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