Having an issue with the settings screen size. Not display settings.
So I'm having an issue with the size of the Emulation Settings window. Not the display or game window, but the size of the actual Settings Window. And I can't seem to resize it. And due to it's size, I can't even move it. Though on the rare chance it does move, it moves down and I can't move it back up to press OK, Cancel or Apply.

I'm playing on a GPD Win2, which is a handheld which uses a 6" 1280x720@60hz LCD. Because it's only a 720 screen the settings window doesn't fit. So I can't see all the options, or read everything on the screen. It's not the only emulator this happens with, but this is the only one that's really problematic, since i need to adjust settings on a per game basis due to the lower power of this device.

I can't change the scaling in windows 10 for some reason, it's greyed out. So i can't set it to 75% configure everything, then set it back to 100%, so it's hard locked to 100% screen scaling.
Anyone know a way to change the size of the emulation settings window?
Here's a screenshot to show my problem.
Thank you.

[Image: BDeBrBc.png]

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this could help
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(07-12-2021, 04:41 PM)jesalvein Wrote: this could help

Thank you, i will give it a try. If it works this will be great since there are a few other programs that i also have this issue with. Like cheat engine, except with cheat engine i can change the font which lets me adjust the window size.

Edit: It works. Thank you.

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