Having problems getting my new plugins to show
Hello, I'm new to this emulator, and am having difficulty fixing a sound problem. I read that I could fix this problem with a certain plugin. I downloaded it and put it in my plugin folder, but when I open the config window, it won't show in any plugin list. I already tried setting the plugin directory again.

The plug I'm trying to use is "spu2PeopsDSound", but its not the only new one that won't show up.

The specific problem I'm trying to fix with it is the music and hangups in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.

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You really should get the official 0.9.7 version And the plugins update. You can get into the PCSX2 Site from this very page (top left menu item). Follow the link there to the Beta Downloads section.

Now, supposing you already have that version, Notice the Path in the GUI's Config -> Plugins/Bios Selector -> Plugins window. It's in the bottom and may have the "Use default settings" ticked. If that's the case the default may be inside the Documents folder, PCSX2 folder there. Otherwise it's the actual path shown.

The bottom line is the SPU2-X is still the better plugin for PCSX2 in most games, I have only the KH2 but I think its so for the first too. Just grab that update because it addresses some issues present in the original supplied with the beta's installer.

PS: Although myself a greater fan of Pete's plugins for EPSXE, the DSound itself was broken in Vista and Seven, actually it has had removed the hardware support for it in DirectX, replaced by the OpenAL.
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Thank you! I downloaded the beta, and one of the new plugins fixed the music for me, and so far there haven't been any hangups either. It seems to slow down a bit more than ususal in some spots, but its more than a fair tradeoff.
It might be the price for better accuracy, still the emulator is constantly evolving both in accuracy as the performance. I'm not sure what you call the slowdown since it can be of two types: low FPS or lag. This last is commonly associated with the VU cycle stealing but provided it does not actually break the game (only a few games are badly broken by using it) it might be preferable some lag in some places than low FPS almost all the time.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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