Having problems running PCSX2 , help ?
My system specs are :

Windows 7
AMD Athlon II X2
1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 210

My CPU should be fine according to the "Will PCSX2 run fast on my computer?" , is it a graphic card problem ?

I don't have many games availabe , only tried Digimon Rumble Arena 2 and Crash Twinsanity , got around 20-30 fps.

Is there any way this machine can run Final Fantasy or should i just throw it at the river ?

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What Psx2 version you have?

Yes,you hardware is enogh,even in Final fantasy in native resolution i think,maybe more than this.

But Digimon rumble arena its is a very light game,you have a problem....20,30fps?Something is wrong.
I downloaded PCSX2 recently on the website , version 1.0.0.

I tried some emulation presets "Safe , Agressive", meddled with some options following the configuration guide but yeah, 20-30 fps , is my pc able to run FF then ? I'll try some more config options , any help is welcome x.x
Its better you try with 1.1,But yes you can execute Final fantasy good,maybe not in high resolution,but,which FF?Exactily

But dont worry about FF,you have more than enogh for this,guy.(i supposed)
Your graphics card is extremely weak, but your cpu isn't much better. You can try going below native settings, but it will probably have a limited effect.
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Hey Nobbs you have a pc made by gold and diamonds?
Your computer is very weak, so it will struggle with the emulator. As your GPU is probably the larger limiting factor here, make sure you have "Native" ticked in GSDX, this should help speed things up a little if you haven't already.
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I think in native resolution,but maybe in 1280x1024 in digimon
The great problem here is the people never optimize the windows for games,my windows its super optimized for this,and i always have a very good performance.
DESTRUIDOR my pc specs are as follows.

i5 4440 @ 3,1Ghz
MSI GTX 650 1GB oc edition
8gb ram
NZXT Phantom 410 Case
ASRock H81m-HDS Mobo
LG Blu Ray reader/ dvd burner.
500GB Hdd.
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