Having some bios issues with Dot Hack games.
Hey, I've been having issues getting my dot hack games to work. I got all of the information and put it into an ISO, tried to mount the image and stuff, and it used to work, but now I try and play it and it can't find the games. Images are mounted and are there with all of the information, but I can't find the file that will play the game, I could give you a screen shot of what I'm looking at to give you guys some more info, but I have no idea what happened. PCSX2 can't even find the games information. I direct it to the file where it's located and it comes up with nothing.

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Looks like you miss the bios file.
Extract it from your PS2 : http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Official-...1-0-0#Bios
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