Having some problems
Now i just built a new computer, and i was confident it could run pcsx2 atleast better than my old one, i was a little hopefuly it could run it as perfect as possible, now i really only wanted it for FFX which is my fav game of all time, now on my old computer it ran between 40-50 fps constantly on the lowest possible settings, but there seems to be no change whatsoever between my old and new computer, am i doing something wrong ? Ive updated my drivers and pretty much done what i can, even set everything to lowest resolution/settings.

Old /

Dual Core E8400
Kingston 2gb RAM
Nvidia Geforce 8600

New /

Intel Core i5 750 OC 3.60GHz
Corsair 6GB RAM
Palit GeForce GTX 275

Ive tried everything short of actually paying for a ps2 Tongue

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Yes definitely something wrong, with that PC FFX should run at about 120 fps in most scenes. Post your whole PCSX2 config, plugins and their settings
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Ive just been playing around, And i had a way older version which i dont think had more than one core support it seems, plus it was at frame limit way lower than is normal, i downloaded it right of the net, not off this site though mind you, so it was pretty much default settings aswell, i really only changed joypad settings, ran it once, was slow, so i changed resolution, slow again, it seems to run fine now with the newest version, and frame limit off, too fast though, ive turned fram limit back on , whats the recomended frame limit would you say ? ive got it at 60 and its fine enough for me.

Thanks for producing such a great emu btw, my ps2 broke down a long time ago, now i can play all my fav games again XD
PAL = 50 fps
NTSC = 60 fps

(as would be on a real PS2)
Does anyone know where i can get plugins for it ? Im having problems adjusting it to my native res on the plugins that i have, so i want to try others, it wont go higher than 800x600, and on one case it went to 514x416, this is in GSDX, and i can get my native in zerogs, but theres artifacts and missing textures over the screen, i remember a plugin that worked nice when i tried it a while ago, something like petes plugin or something.

And thankyou ^, i appreciate it.
probably have to compile them yourself
..stop downloading it from other sites. All plugins and official releases of the emulator can be found in our download section. The GSdx plugin shows at the title bar the NATIVE resolution of the game, not the one you set it to.
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