Having trouble
I'm currently running a 3.4GB 2core processor with 3040 RAM, and when I try and run the exe it tells me I dont have enough memory so I need to run the TBL version, I do so. Everything starts up fine in that and I try and run the disgaea cd (The actual physical cd, bought and payed for) it reads it, runs the emulator and boots up the Ps2 screen but when I go into the browser all it sees are 2 memory cards, no game.

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Make sure to set your CDVD plugin in the options to point to your DVD drive, currently it's not (or your DVD drive is incapable of reading PS2 games which does happen every now and then)

Also of note, you much be using a really old version of pcsx2 since there are no longer 2 different versions. You should update to either 0.9.6 or beta 1474.
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Ok thanks, got the new version, and got my controller configured for it, but now its yelling at me for bios. I had a folder in the old version that I had that had all of my Bios info, I copied and pasted all of that into the bios folder of the newer version but its still yelling at me that I need a bios file.
Nevermind figured it out. Thanks for the help.

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