Having trouble In god of WAR 1
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Hi this is Ashish I am Having Trouble with god of war 1 as the graphics are not properly rendering after "Rooftops of Athens" stage please help me i am using PCSX2 0.9.6 & latest GSDx Plugin.
my system spec are
dual core 3.0 ghz.
nvidia GE Force 7300 GT (512 mb)

Help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Also having some error Problem adding some snaps of PCSX2 config suggest some thing what is wrong !
[img]E:\PCSX2 probl\Pcsx 2 god of war problem[/img]

[img]E:\PCSX2 probl\Advanced config[/img]

[img]E:\PCSX2 probl\CPU config[/img]

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Please use the forum search.

I bet there are dozen of threads like yours and a thread with help.
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first of All thanks for your Suggestion

I have Searched the forum but didn't found any thing helping
to situation i am in.so again asking for Help please help me!

if any one succeeded in running god of war I in their PC please help me in Configuring my PC.
It's nice that you will give us access to your computer with that screens on your drive E. But without remoteaccess we can't see them Wink
You have to upload them to some pic-hoster like imageshack. Otherwise noone can help

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