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Headmouse Compatibility?
Hello PCSX2 community!

This is my first post on the site, and I come with a question about its compatibility with headmouse hardware. I became a quadriplegic in a motor vehicle accident and can no longer use a regular console controller. I do have adapted hardware for my laptop though, specifically a Headmouse Extreme ( which allows me to use an infrared camera to move the cursor. It also has a 2 button sip puff switch for right and left mouse clicks. It just attaches to my computer via USB.

My first foray into joystick capable emulators was the pcsx2. My hope was to be able to use the headmouse as a joystick, so I could play some old playstation games for the moment. The rpg's, that only really require a joystick and a couple buttons to play. When I was trying to set up the emulator though, there was no options to pick the headmouse. It wouldn't show up as a viable mouse etc. Does anyone here know what can be done? Is it a matter of the headmouse not being compatible? Or is there something that could be done to make it show up? I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!


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Did you try changing the "Mouse API" settings on the right side of the lilypad config? Make sure it's not set to "Disable" which is default. My regular mouse only shows up if I set this setting to "Windows Messaging."

I actually have read about the device you are using, and as far as I know it should be talking to the hardware the same as a regular mouse.
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