Heat issues
I'm using a laptop that is less then a year old and I've been playing an iso of FFX(my first PCSX2) game and it's been running pretty fine but it quickly makes my laptop very hot, does anyone have any idea what I can do to minimize this heat. Thx

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best thing would be to stop playing pcsx2 on your laptop or buy a better cooling system.
Pcsx2 requires A LOT or CPU resources. Which makes it heat, especially on laptops.
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My suggestion is that if you don't have one already, to get yourself a cooling pad... Preferably one with dual fans... The more area around the base of your laptop the fans cover the better the heat dissipation. Oddly for my laptop I actually get much higher temperatures from actual PC games like Left 4 Dead 2 than PCSX2... Probably because one core is generally only at 40-60% (GPU thread)
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