Hello All! A few Questions...
Hello everybody I'm new here to the threads so I just wanna take this particular moment to introduce myself....hopefully I can be of use here as well lol.

I do have a question though:
I've downloaded PCSX2 in the past and have tried to run games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Dragon Quest 8, but I cant seem to get them to run at full speed. Heres my comp specs:

-Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @2.66 GHz
-4 Gigs of RAM
-Running on x64 Windows 7 Ultimate (just recently did the upgrade from x32 windows XP)
-NVidia GeForce 9500 GFX Card

Do I have to do something special to get them to run normally? Are my comp specs even good enough to run PS2 games??

I really would like to play my old PS2 games again like FFX.....If anybody could help me out, that would be much appreciated.

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Your video card may be at fault, also the reccomended requirements are a 3.2ghz core 2 processor. Some games will run with slower processor, but some of the more demanding games will need all the speed (mhz) they can get.
Computer specifications:
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If you can overclock your CPU to around 3-3.2Ghz (should be doable on stock voltage unless you have a bad chip), you should be able to run many games at full or near full speeds at native resolution. Your graphics card might hold you back for higher resolutions and some graphic-intensive games.
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I think I'll stick with booger's advice and try to overclock my pc a bit. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. The games that I want to test out are FFX, MGS2, and FFXII
try the overclock, i hope it works for you.
Well, I've tried overclocking my PC....

I've really been trying to be careful about this process as I've heard many horror stories about PC's crashing and burning from this lol.

I've done several overclocks. The last overclock I've done was from 2.66Ghz to 2.9Ghz ....I've tried to go a bit further, but for some reason my OS wont start when I clock it up to lets say 3.0Ghz.

Any reason for that? Should I even bother Overclocking that high?
A lot of factors contribute to overclocking. You might want to read up on some guides to get the basics.

You will be limited by your weakest part; whether that be your CPU, RAM, or motherboard. You may also need to increase voltage slightly if it's not stable. Again, best to read up on it (plenty of guides available on google).
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i also have an E6750 with a similar spec to yours (my card's ati rather than nvidia) and it's running perfectly fine for me overclocked to 3GHz with stock cooling etc.
Windows is stable (or as stable as windows ever gets at any rate Tongue ) and I haven't seen any inexplicable crashes or whatever
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