Hello. Noob here.
So I spent several hours getting my bios from my ps2 yesterday so I can play some ps2 games at my college break hours. It worked succesfully, and I got to make my kh2 CD into an iso file to play with.

I started it up, adjusted the settings a bit, but im still having a few problems:

The KH2 intro (start menu and song) is really fine, 55-62 fps, no sound lag or cuts.

Once the story with roxas begins (new game), FPS drops down between 17-40, and the speed is like 50% of what it should be.
Also in the story cut scenes, when the game switches scenery, it lags a bit.

GameFixes, EE/IOP, and VUs are on defult settings.

[Image: qCIxZ.png]
[Image: Xg91Y.png]
[Image: LlqR8.png]
[Image: 9wvWk.png]
[Image: YFo4a.png](i didnt mess with this really)
[Image: j7gCd.png]
[Image: dGYIQ.png]

I bought my laptop in 2010, but it has a lot of hours on it.
I might sell this one, and get a better one soon, but as of now, im stuck with this one.

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Try checking 'native' in GSdx see if that helps and try turning the VU cycle speed hack down to 1. Your PC is pretty weak in general so you shouldn't expect good speeds with PCSX2...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(02-14-2012, 05:24 PM)Bositman Wrote: Try checking 'native' in GSdx see if that helps and try turning the VU cycle speed hack down to 1. Your PC is pretty weak in general so you shouldn't expect good speeds with PCSX2...

That's all i needed to know. I'm definitely going to buy a new laptop because I got this one as a gift, and it sucks balls for gaming. My Mac is outdated, and It pretty much crashed down because of my 16,000+ hours of gaming on it (no joke).

I got both computers as a gift, if it was up to me, i would buy an alienware or something good, not an amd processor.

I'll try out your suggestion and see what happens. Thanks.

It sped things up, but now it feels like its running at 80% speed.

sounds are great, Just the speed is my problem.
My FPS has increased to 38-61, but speed decreased again (still better than last time).
Select DX10 Hardware instead of DX9 Hardware in the GSdx renderer, set power plan to performance (or always on) in windows.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'll get to it once I get out of class onto my break.
DX10 Hardware made it slower.
It's only the speed that's annoying me. Sound is flawless (it works with the speed though)

I think my Problem is the EE%. does it show what speed the game is running? or what?
EE% shows EE thread weight over your cpu, if it(same for GS%) hits 100% your cpu is at fault of being slow, but as on your screenshot, none of it reaches 100% while the game plays in half speed, most of the time it's GPU fault, especially if that's a laptop with some integrated graphics:].

Other thing to do than decreasing internal res is turning frame skipping in config>emulation settings>GS, but it's most of the time giving a bad or even glitched results, you could also try "allow 8 bit textures" swithing it on/off to opposite to what you have couse it can give different results on different hardware and games, but I wouldn't really expect to get any huge difference on HD4200 which is simply too slow for most 3D games.
The 8 bit didn't really make a difference, I became more familiar with the GUI, and I realized that I have to reset PCSX2 every time I make a chance to actually see it. Right now, my game is running fairly well, but still experiencing a couple of problems. The game runs I'd say about 80% of the speed to 150% of the speed. It's different every time I play so far. The cut scenes are doing OK, i'd say 6.5/10 (which is a pass in some colleges), Since I'm a noob, I'm fairly new to this stuff. Hopefully I can figure out more over time.

I still wouldn't mind any help to fix my speed issue. I was watching a live stream of a guy play the original KH game online, and he was doing a live commentary too. That's where I really heard about PCSX2 and decided to give it a try. He was running it flawlessly, and looked HD to my eyes. My goal is to achieve what he achieved with the GUI settings, even if it means getting a better laptop.
Did you try a different plugin? Try this http://pcsx2.net/svn.php the newest one, it helps the graphics to. Such as in the struggle the blue balls/ red balls don't appear with your current plugin. Just drag the bios into the file and BAM. It may help, but Bositman would know.

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