Hello PCSX2 Members! Looking for help getting this all up and running.

I'm a new Streamer ( http://www.twitch.tv/zedrico64 ) and my favorite console of all time would be PS2 and have a vast collection of games. I would love to stream PS2 games in high quality, and using my PS2 with my capture card and component cables creates a decent image but the black levels are too dark and can't see inside dark dungeons. I have a new computer that i am pretty sure it can handle this emulator.

Intel core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz
Nividia GeForce GTX 980
16GB Ram

I was wondering if anyone would like would like to help me setting up the emulator, I got stuck when trying to dump my BIOS from my PS2. I have a basic understanding on computers and am afraid of getting a virus. I would like to possibly share my screen with someone while i get guided through it. I know Im asking alot But if anyone would scarfice some of their free time to help me i would be eternally grateful! 

Please PM me if you if anyone can give me assistance. Im manly confused about the freeMcBoot/swapmagic/modding of the ps2

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Thank you sir!

Heres a pretty good demonstration on how to do the disc swap trick. You will need to open up your ps2 so you can swap the real disc (without pushing the open button, you swap the disc while it is still spinning) with a burned copy that has the custom ELF file. All of the guides say to use the 007 game, but I have successfully modded mine with Socom 2 in the same method and I have heard many other games work as well. Pick a disc you don't mind destroying lol. Feel free to PM me questions.

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