Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't see it in frequently asked.
New to emulation and I need help troubleshooting something. I have a ps2 disk inserted into my computer, but I keep getting this error message (see attachment). After I close it it says pcsx2 may be inoperable? I've tried selecting the proper source drive in the plugin/bios selector under CDVD drive. Any help would be appreciated!

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i found the section in stickies where it talks about making an ISO from the disk and running it that way. Its working so far. I still wonder about running it directly from the disk tho?
Emulog output would help here... Are you sure you configured your paths correctly though? It clearly says it fails to configure CDVD plugin up top of your screenshot in the log. Try clearing out your configuration and starting config from scratch.

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