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Hello again, on the subject of ff7 doc
I burned an iso of an old disk that i had for the game(i cant explain why but i like it) when i run it it seems like half the screen works fine but the other half is broken, i did find a forum with a specific kind of fix ill quote what type it is bellow

"You can try this GSdx build I made, has some hacks for FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus that should clean the graphics a bit (only works in scaling and custom resolutions, still broken in "Native") but just remember it may break other games and there's no support if you use it."

and i received the files from the discussion i just have no idea how to implement them, can one of you lads please assist me?

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just copy/paste the files in the plugins folder and select that special gsdx hack in your plugins settings.
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where do i select the special gsdx(sorry for my lack of understanding, its still quite confusing to me)

i did put the files in the plugins folder
Config-> Plugins/BIOS selector.
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