Hello! and a daft question
Firstly just a quick line to say hello and that i hope my question isn't too much of a noob thing to ask.

I've been enjoying Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero for a while now, ie since it first came out, however my PS2 died and now I'm running it on PCSX2, however ive been trying to use cheat engine to get some extra cash to help things along (i have teenage kids so any chance of me getting on the pc/xbox etc is very limited) and so far i have had no luck.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, I've looked for the values under 2,4,8 Bytes, float and double but i just cant seem to find the value for the in game currency, the tutorial that was with cheat engine while great to begin with sadly lost me after about 4 screens in, so any help would be appreciated.

That being said i look forward to any help you guys could offer.



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You can also try a free app named ArtMoney, basically you run the game on the emulator, run ArtMoney, select PCSX2 as the process and then enter the money value in the search function. Once it's finished, change the money value in game by either getting more or spending some, use the filter option and search for the new value. It usually takes 2 or 3 searches to find the exact value, you can the edit it to whatever you want.

The other alternative is using a pnach cheat file, someone on the site might have one for you. Do you have the PAL or NTSC version of the game?
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Hope it helps:


Many thanks for the replies, ill take a look at ArtMoney and see if that helps, i take it that the second post is for cheat codes to be used with Pnach files?

i believe that i have the NTSC Version of the game

Edit - 

think ive finally got it working, and yes it was because i didnt have a clue what i was doing, so thank you both for your help on this one
Found this cheat engine table here, under pinned messages:


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these aren't working and the discord page is gone is there anything else possible?
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