Hello everyone, having major FPS issues hope you guys can help me out.
My PC specs.

AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual core processor 6000+ 3.02 GHz 3.2GB DDR2 RAM (Have 4 but Windows xp 32 bit SP3 only reads that many)

Video card Nvidia 1GB GeForce9600GT


The problem I have is my frame rate is really unstable sometimes it will be at around 14 FPS and then a moment later back up to 60, then another one back down to 35. Sometimes the FPS just keeps at 60 but the game feels like its running at 30. So the FPS will say 60 but the game will still be quite slow.
I am not trying to run many high end games ether, really old games like Eve of Extinction and FFX.

I think maybe if I figured out how to get the settings right it may make a big difference.


Graphics - GSDX890 (MSVC 15.00 SSE2) 0.1.14 - Only ones that will run on my pc for some reason.

First controller - Lily pad 0.9.9

CDdvdrom Gigahertz Cdvd plug in 0.7.0

Sound SPU2-X1.1.0

Graphics - Windowd resolution
Renderer Direct 3D9 hardware

Shader pixel shader 2.0 have tried 3.0 alone made no diff

Interlacing none

Aspect ratio 4:3

D3D internal res native

Texture filtering chcked wait for vsync checked alpha correction checked.

CPU Config -

CPU Speed 3018MHZ

EERec EE/IOP Recompiler checked

VuoRec enable recompiller for vuo unit checked

vu1rec enable recompiler for vui unit checked

Multi threaded GS mode checked

Frame limiting Normal -

Custom FPS limit, right now 150, had it at 60 before, made no difference

Skip frames when slower than have done 30 and 60 again made no difference

constructive frames b4 skipping 2

Constructive frames to skip 2

Speed checks Use X3 cycle rate checked

Enable IoP x2 cycle rate checked.

I think thats basically all the info I can give, hopefully you guys can help me out a bit.

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The varying FPS is probably just due to the fact that it takes different amounts of processing power to render different scenes. Eg. going from a 2D scene to a 3D scene would probably result in lower FPS.
However, since you enabled speed hacks and vsync, it may play with the FPS figure shown on the title bar. Try disabling speed hacks and vsync, and 60 FPS should result in normal PS2 speeds.

Have you tried using the latest public beta?

You can only run GSdx SSE2 because your CPU doesn't support SSSE3 or SSE4.1 instruction sets.

You should burn an .iso image of your game disc using something like DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn and change your Cdvdrom plugin to the Linuz Iso plugin, configuring it to run off your burnt .iso file. It should be faster, since you won't have to read of a DVD.

If you were using Windows Vista or Windows 7, D3D 10 hardware mode would give better performance, but since you're using XP, you're stuck with D3D 9.
Use Pixel Shader 3.0, even if it makes no difference.
Turn off Vsync.

You do realize that if you select the 'Normal' option under CPU Frame Limiting, it disregards whatever you put in the boxes below, right? For the 'Custom FPS limit' to take effect, you need to select the 'Limit' option, and for the 'Frames to Skip' options only take effect if you select the 'Frame Skip' option.
You would want to select Limit, and leave 'Custom FPS limit' to 0, if you don't want the games to speed up past PS2 speeds.
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if you can overclock your CPU and it will help out, Though my cpu at the same clock speed can play FFX with speed hacks and almost no slow downs (cept with Ifrit and Demi..)

But, update to the latest beta and try again. post back here with results.
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Sorry if things are different for Emulators but are beta's not generally more unstable and unreliable than the finished product? Usually when I download graphic drivers still in Beta things end up worse than they were with old drivers.
The latest public beta is usually stable enough for most games, and produces quite significant speed improvements and compatibility fixes for many games. There are more recent experimental betas though, and those are the ones that you would want to stay away from until they are released as a public beta.
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