Hello friend´s
Hello friend´s my name is mario , i have a PC with windows 7 ultimate and my hardware is:

FX 6100
Asus 7850 2gb

My problem is the next:

I need playing dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 but when run the game appears a ghost of goku in saiyan.

Any plugin for this? , any solution?


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any screenshot ?
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(02-11-2013, 12:36 AM)jesalvein Wrote: any screenshot ?

Thank´s for your answer , here this the image :
If you're running the game by full boot, try using fast boot, if it doesn't help, post your game CRC, you can find it in PCSX2 log after running the game(should look like "Game CRC = 0xA422BB13" - with different number for you). Edit: cut off the link to other thread, it was actually fixed by using fast boot;p, fail of me.
I don't suppose the GSDX Half Pixel Offset Hack works does it? it looks fine apart from the misaligned post processing ;p
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^All of this postprocessing effects are deleted with skipdraw in any new gsdx, soo it either does not detect crc or it's an unknown one;p.
true, but i can think of two scenarios where it may night be in there.

1. He has a version of the game we do not know the CRC to.
2. He has hard widescreen-hacked the ELF file which would have changed the CRC.

the latter looks like it is possible as i didn't realise that game had a widescreen mode and it is quite clearly in a widescreen aspect.
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