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Hello guys, new user please be nice.
Hi guys Smile

my name is Isak (32) from Israel, nice to meet you all.
i'm building an arcade machine and wanted to involved the ps2 console, then i found out that there is this ps2 emulator for that, i was very happy to hear that there is such a cool thing Smile

i was reading a lot about the emulator and about his bugs and about his demands.
i bought a computer for that, i think its ok for the emulator, the only thing i'm not sure about is the graphic card.
as you stated here :
i will need minimum :
Quote:Nvidia Geforce 9600GT / 8800GT or better
ATI Radeon 4750 or better

well, before reading that i bought an HD6670 assuming its new and be good for that purpose.
only after i bought it i saw that i will need something like hd4750 and above.

i read here :
that in the Texel Rate and in the Pixel Rate the hd4750 is better then my hd6670.
will it effect the emulator to run smoothly in that way or another?

i didnt assembled the computer yet cause the arcade cabinet is not ready, i dont have any way to assemble it for testing, that why i ask the pro's among you guys.

my comp components are :
CPU - i3 2100.


‏MEMORY - 2GB G.Skill CL9 - DDR3-1333 (PC3 10666)


will it be ok or should i replace the graphic card to something else?

another question that maybe not related to you guys but its worth a shot.
my arcade machine gonna run MAME, what would be the best OS to install for the PS2 emulator and MAME together?

sorry if its been asked before.
hope to have an answer soon.
be well guys.
Isak E.

PS...forgot to mention that i only wanna play TEKKEN 5 with the emulator.


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What PCSX2 (GSdx) benefits most from is the Memory Bandwidth which the 6670 is better at so you shouldn't worry much about it.

Tekken 5 is a bit demanding on CPU, but you should be fine with some speedhacks.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Hello Shadow Lady and thank you for your reply Smile

that's comforting to hear, thank you.
as you may notice i'm new with the PCSX2, i'm not aware to terms like "speedhacks"?
i'm sure you probably answered that a million times before and there is good answers on how to do this speedhacks.
can you please guide me to a link or whatever for me to understand what it is and how to play with it?

much thanks,
Isak E.
Sure, it's in the configuration guide Tongue2
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Thank you Smile


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