Hello :),just want to ask a question
Im fairly a noob,to emulation on PS2,but I've tried to play a game on pcsx2 and it war running very very slow.I thought,that my cpu wasn't good enough for emulation on ps2,but something recent confused me,that I was able to play Wii games on my PC ! Yep,at fairly good speeds,but with the right settings.And now here I am , wondering,if I can do this with PS2 emulation.I am able to play Super mario galaxy,with frame skipping ,but at very playable speed , a bit close , to real speed (the vps , never seemed to be under 30)so im wondering,if I can play Smg , and not being very painfully slow,can I play PS2 games,at playable speeds?I was able to also play mario kart on gamecube on dolphin(which I also played SMG with)and it ran almost perfect!!!

Give me tips,on how I can run some of my old ps2 games , too !Sadly i don't have the console anymore,and got some unfinished games to play.

So , here's the question. I got an E5200 2.5 Ghz dual core,can i run games at playable speeds,without the horrendeous slowdowns?

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Well it is game-dependent of course (like Dolphin) however unfortunately you will not be able to get a BIOS without dumping it from your Ps2.

You can find a non-slim for an absolute steal, a fine price for Pcsx2 in my opinion.

I would imagine you can probably play most 2D games and more compatible 3D games such as Final Fantasy X fine, speedhacks would let you play even more (as long as they do not break the game).
I have a big problem with primal.When the game is loading than stop("freeze") Wacko The menu, the intro and the first video is working perfectly, BUT i saw on the compatibility list, that the primal game playable on 9.7.0...HOW ???

problem solved ;-) thanks !!!

pux ... ReGina
The PS2 is unfortunately very special in it's design.
A lot of CPU cycles go into emulating all of that nicely enough so that games actually run.
It doesn't really matter how games look on these 2 platforms, it's the way how they do it.

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