Hello new person here
Hello i got the emulator and ive been trying to find stuff about how to make it run a bit more smoothly on my computer cause ive been trying to play rouge galaxy and though im mainly looking around in the dark yea im very new at this i dont even think i had this much problem working with epsxe haha anywho all i know what i need to put on here is my ghz is

After a few i found more info to give

Dual core processor 2.10 ghz
AMD Athlon II P320

I think my graphics card is... ATI Mobility Radeon Hd 4200 series
dont really know what else to give here

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Depends which game you try to play, your notebook might be enough for low intensive games, like Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy 10, but that might be it. I still say never bother with playing PS2 games on a notebook/laptop, since they're just too weak compared to a desktop.
Set your settings as follows, You should see an improvement in speed
Note: note all games like clamping set to none, but it it doesn't break it you should see gains
MTVU hack should be tried for gain, as it might actually make things slower on dual core, so test it and if it slows things down uncheck it
[Image: 2cafS]
[Image: 2cajy]
[Image: 2camQ]
[Image: 2cao0]
Msi GF-62VR
Intel  core i7 7700hq @2.8(3.5ghz turbo) Nvidia 6gig GTX1060 16 gigs DDr5   windows 10
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